Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ok, I know. None of you have ever heard the song that this post is titled after. Truth is I typed "songs about old people" into google and this was the best result that popped up. Not wanting to be ignorant about the song titles that I use, I typed it into youtube to listen to it.

Its a bad song.

However, when a title is this B.A. you cant just ignore it and it was way better then
"That silver haired daddy of mine"
"The september of my years"
(not making this stuff up...)

"Grandma's hands".

Moving on! Why did I need a title about old people? Because I recently stumbled upon a bit of knowledge that I thought was worth sharing from my dear old nana.

Let me begin by saying this. I love my nana. I truly do. She is the only person that i know who will watch infomercials with me. She is also the only person I know who will actually buy the products on the informercials.

Side note: Those rotisserie chicken cookers work like magic! "Set it and forget it!" But the combination silk and terry-cloth bathrobe that comes with the chicken cooker (some of you may not receive it because ONLY the people who bought when my nana did during that limited time offer got those) is not all its cracked up to be.

My nana is Italian. Wikipedia puts it best...

Italians have greatly influenced and contributed to science, the arts,technologyculturecuisinesport and banking abroad and worldwide. Italian people are generally known for their regionalism, attention to clothing, family values and devoutness to the Christian faith and association with the Catholic Church.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Thank you wikipedia.

The truth is Italians love to eat but they don't like to eat alone...hence their devoutness to "family values" and culture. But thats not the point...

I have been told my whole life to listen to the old people. They are the ones with all the wisdom.

My nana is old and she has some wisdom. Sometimes the lessons come slowly over the one time that I learned not to save those mini pumpkins that you use for decoration on thanksgiving because you think they are plastic. No nana, those are real. And if you keep them in a drawer for a year they evolve into a form nobody should ever have to deal with...or smell. But sometimes her wisdom hits me in the brain like a truck going a thousand miles per hour. And this is the wisdom that I wish to share with the three people that read this blog...

"I have either said it the whole time or I have known it all along."

If thats not brilliant, I dont know what is...
I love my nana.