Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm here! 

And I would like to go on record to say... when you flush the toilet here, it does NOT spin the opposite way. I am extremely disappointed about that. I really didn't know that was a myth.

The city of Melbourne is BEAUTIFUL! You always hear people say their city is mixture of all the beauty of old world and the technology of today. But let me tell you... that is the truth in Melbourne. Most of the buildings are brick, which is my absolute favorite, and it makes every angle on the street a high fashion photo opportunity. But at the same time, everywhere you look you can see construction and improvements being made. Our hotel is smack in the middle of the city, which means we can (and do) walk or take the train everywhere. I love it!

The local people are super trendy and helpful. Yesterday we split into groups of four and went on a scavenger hunt that took us all over the city. I mean, all over the city. We had to take public transportation, walk, and sometimes run like idiots everywhere! But our mini "amazing race" experience was the perfect beginning. This is our home away from home for the next six weeks and now we all feel like locals.

The internet access is expensive so I walked to the shopping plaza to use it for free. But that means my posts are going to be a bit shorter and farther spaced then I originally planned. My battery is also almost dead... so I have to give you guys the readers digest version of everything that has been happening.


Total travel time = a little over twenty hours. Most of it in the dark since we were flying away from the sun. Totally trippy but it made jet lag almost a non-issue. It was like having a really, really long night. We're all raring to go.

Local mission team and "STINTers" = AH-mazing, lovely people. Bri, if you're reading this. Turns out I'm working with Nina, and she says hi back!

Time change = Well, it's 4:50 pm for me right now and its 11:50 for you. But we skipped a day in the air... so it's tomorrow for me.

God = So good! We got to go to church in a movie theater today! The seats were way too comfortable for church... But the preaching and the communion were amazing and much needed. We're also still being trained and prepared for when we begin our official ministry when the students start school this thursday.

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting and better things to share but I'm running out of time and my brain is like oatmeal right now.
I love and miss everyone! I can't believe I'm on the other side of the world. It still hasn't sank in yet...

Please pray for me! Pray that God will be able to speak to me as I seek Him with my whole heart. And pray that we will be a light to everyone we come into contact with! More to come...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


(Warning: If you are easily frozen in shock due to extreme cuteness... this video is not for you.)

Here it is.
The reason why I'm being sent to the ends of the earth.
Accent and everything...

"Never lose heart in the power of the gospel. Do not believe that there exists any man... for whom the gospel is not fitted."
-Charles Spurgeon 




"Missions exists... because worship does not."
-John Piper 

(And this week, you get two quotes for the price of one. Thank you, Eric Taylor)

"I'm thinking about going into ministry... You know, becoming a professional Christian."


Oh my goodness! Australia is so beautiful! Boomerangs really do come right back to you! And everyone is feeding shrimp to their barbies... PSYCH! Actually, we're at briefing...

You laugh... but its been strange for some of us on Team Wallabe (Yes, we know we spell it wrong. I don't think we did it on purpose but we're saying we did because we're jus' coo' like that. "Representin' 'merica" - i believe is how our team leader explains it.) because it really is how we feel. We're staying at a hotel in L.A... learning everything they can teach us in a few days' time to prepare us for our summer project. I can compare the feeling of these days at briefing to when you're waiting in line at Disney Land and you think you have just one more turn around the corner until you're on the ride and then you turn the corner and there are a million people and five more hours of waiting to go on the Peter Pan ride!! Come on! Why is it always the Peter Pan ride?? Not the point. The point is we are all raring to go and for some reason none of us considered that we'd be spending several days in the States before we flew overseas.

I definitely didn't plan well for these days. I packed my bag to the exact specifications I was allowed. I didn't waste an inch and that baby is DENSE. So now I have to go into stealth mode to try to grab my toothbrush and a fresh set of clothes or else everything will explode everywhere!!

But regardless, this time of training has been a total blessing. We've been learning so many things. Goodwin, our team leader, taught us we should listen to our team leaders. He backed this up with a reference from Goodwin 4:8, an enlightening book to say the least. We also learned NOW IS THE TIME FOR P.O.O.P. - which we found out means it's a good time to bond with the People On Our Team. Was this a necessary acronym? Absolutely.

In addition to these valuable lessons, I've already started trying new things. Today I had my very first chick-fil-A sandwich. Very tasty. I walked away from the experience with this...

...and a coupon for another free chick-fil-a sandwich, which some guy named Erwin guaranteed would work at ANY chick-fil-A ANYWHERE in the United States. Good deal.  

I know what you're thinking... what could possibly compare? I should just wrap up now. 
But wait...

In all seriousness, there is something better to share. Something more valuable then team preparation, building relationships, and a free chick-fil-A stomachache. Commissioning. 

Our leaders and staff wanted to officially send us off in the best way possible. So our "servant-leaders" washed our feet and prayed for each and every one of us. And then we ended with group prayer. I really needed every moment. It was such a blessing to experience the shift from feeling like I was chasing, pushing, and working to go on this summer project to feeling like the Lord was sending me through the prayers of his leaders. It was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. The Lord has handpicked this team and tonight we were bonded through prayer and His Spirit. He is going to do is doing amazing things! So I consider this the beginning of an amazing thing... because we have officially rounded the amusement park corner and the boarding platform is in sight. 

And this ride is going to be even better then the Peter Pan ride. 

Monday, July 11, 2011


Dear Lord, I sure am thankful for the peace you've given me the past few days. If I had spent all that time feeling the way I'm feeling now I'd probably curl up and die. Lets do this. You know, I keep thinking about something Pastor Tim said in a sermon he gave about Moses a few weeks ago.

Moses committed himself to doing God's work but he didn't commit himself to the God whose work he was trying to do...

Sometimes I think I do that. So God, I don't commit myself to the idea of serving you. I don't commit myself to the anticipation of personal growth. And I don't commit myself to winning souls, planting seeds, or lighting fires. I commit myself and next six weeks to YOU.

God, I think it's an amazing thing that you had some work to be done in Australia and you searched the entire earth and decided I was the right one to do it. Give me the strength to fulfill your plan for me each day. Prepare the hearts of every person I come in touch with. Be sovereign over our trip, Lord. And above all else... bring glory, honor, and praise to yourself. Be lifted high in our lives, God.

I'm not getting on the plane by myself tomorrow, Lord. So I sure hope you're planning on coming with me...

Also, thank you for the cheesy bread for dinner. That was yummy.