Tuesday, July 26, 2011


G'DAY MATES! After spending the first few days running around Melbourne (pronounce it "mell-bin" if you want to sound like an Aussie), we are finally settled in and are now completely immersed in campus ministry. 

I know that the Lord is good. The Lord is greater then all gods. 

These lyrics keep coming to mind for our ministry here. Satan wants Australia. He wants it so bad. And he is being crafty in his assault. He has the people here STUCK in a state of apathy.  
No searching.
No seeking.
No wondering.  

I have never encountered anything like it. I'm an American. I have an opinion about everything and everyone in America has an opinion about everything. But here, again and again, we encounter students who give almost no thought to eternal things. In fact, they rarely give much thought to serious matters in general. Our conversations with students go deeper then most have ever gone in their lives. 

It presents quite a challenge, that much is certain. How do you fill a thirst people don't realize they have? How do you give answers when no questions are being asked? How do stir hearts that are stuck on the surface of things?

I realized during prayer this morning that we truly are fools for Christ. Here we are, attending school in the middle of our summer for hours at a time, in matching shirts no less, trying to combat apathy and lukewarmness with awkward questions and "chance-that-we-see-is-no-chance-at-all" encounters. Who does this? Well, we do. And for a reason unknown to us but known to God, it's working. Unbelievable. 

I have so many stories to share but only time for one. Today, a fellow wallabe and I had the opportunity to chat with a student from China. La Trobe Uni is just packed with international students. We have spent so much time in prayer for these students. I want more then anything as an American student to encounter another student from a different part of the world in Australia of all places and see them come to a saving knowledge of grace. How powerful is our God to make that happen? How powerful is the Gospel to see that come to pass? Today we shared the gospel with this Chinese student and he asked for time to think it through. If the Lord brings it to be, we will meet with him again tomorrow. Please join me in prayer! We long to see a movement begin here, in the land of apathy, that will spread all over the world.

And please pray for me. Pray I would be obedient to the Lord. And please pray against discouragement and distraction. It is so easy to lose sight of why I'm here when I'm drained from a day of ministry and it can be so discouraging when you ask a question only to hear yet another student has never thought about it. Pray the Lord would wake up the sleeping students here! 

Again, internet access is limited so I must be off! Much, much love!