Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I love Christmas.

However, being the "blogger" that I am with the brain that I have I simply can't let the Christmas season just go by without tossing out a few thoughts.

Why is Frosty the Snowman a smoker? I would think if you were made of snow and ice you wouldn't deal with things that smoke. I also think its a terrible influence on all the children he seems to enjoy hanging out with. Wait...why does he only hang out with children? Thats suspicious.

Why is Mary always dressed in blue? Blue is for boys. If I was designing the manger scene and I had to pick a color with which to dress Mary (Let be real. She was most likely wearing brown.) I would dress her in pink!
Or perhaps a sunny yellow...
Minty green if all else fails.

Why is baby Jesus always smiling? If I was a baby and you put my baby butt on a bed of straw swaddled with nothing but some strips of cloth you bet your tacky poinsettia I would be bawling.

Why do we hang a stocking? If the goal is to get a bunch of presents, you would think you would hang your largest article of clothing. For me, it would be my one piece pajamas with the feet. The whole thing. Thats right. Fill 'er up.

What happens when you roast a chestnut?

What is a chestnut?

And I could be wrong about this but...I don't think its that cold outside. I think that guy with the deep voice just wants that girl to stay overnight.

Merry Christmas