Saturday, February 12, 2011


by: Anthony Gallucci 

What is this life? I know you have thought about it
Doubting God, have you ever thought about it?
Blinded by the world, the devil sets our eyes upon it
Put in a hold and don't want to get out of it 
Don't you want to live for Eternity?
Instead drinking up and having sex daily
Common man your mouth is filthy
Your dropping f-bombs and your disrespecting 
There's a love called Jesus that your not accepting
You sin knowingly and your not repenting 
Seek the light, live for Him
Love Christ more, let this life begin
Tears of love, I love you man
See the light and let this life begin
You could die tomorrow or even right now
You could be in doubt, but all I can say is how? 
What will you tell Jesus the Father before the throne?
Do you think you will pass Judgement or be left all alone?
We all need Jesus and are sinners man
Its time to loose this life and let this Life begin
Seek the light, live for Him
Love Christ more, let this Life begin
Tears of Love, I love you man
Seek the Light and let this Life begin 
What is this life? I know you have thought about it
Doubting God, have you ever thought about it?
Blinded by the world, the devil sets our eyes upon it
Put in a hold and don't want to get out of it 

Special thanks to Anthony Gallucci, both for writing straight from the heart and for allowing it to be shared with others. Until the whole world hears... 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Oh my goodness, I just turned my head to look out the window and I saw my sister's boyfriend walking to our front door with flowers in his hand. I assume they're for her. This would be embarrassing if they weren't. (For them, not for me.) Aw, that is so sweet. Also ugh! That reminds me... Valentines Day is coming. I hate Valentines Day. No pressure, honey! Its just if you don't buy me some cheap chocolate in a fancy box and some antacid hearts to counteract eating all of it in one sitting then you don't really love me. Oh, also... please buy a poem or some nice thoughts that someone else wrote and sign your name to it. Lovely. 

Great story. I was hanging out with a couple of guys the other day when one of them opened a pamphlet in the mail full of ideas for Valentines Day. One of them was a gift card for flowers. Yes, you heard me right. A gift card for flowers. You might as well get your significant other a gift card to buy themselves a card, or another gift card, or another significant other because you suck. Way to remove all the thought behind the gift! This useless little book was most definitely put together by single men. 

I admit it! Yes, it's possible I'm scarred from previous Valentines Day experiences. Once when I was twelve, the boy I liked told me I could be his valentine. (Yes, you heard me right. But hey, we were twelve.) And he bought my lunch and a movie ticket. (BIG deal! We were twelve.) Then I found out he told another girl she could be his valentine too. Sigh... I never fully recovered. =] (After all, I was only twelve)

My girlfriends and I are looking forward to this Valentines Day being different. A dinner party planned by the men sounds amazing and we are most definitely looking forward to it! However, we have declared "Galintines Day" this weekend. We are going to Justin Bieber's movie. Yes. We are going to make t-shirts, elbow all the thirteen year olds out of the way, and be first in line opening day. I know you say hate Justin Bieber. I know you say he sounds like a girl. I know you say you would never watch his movie. But you know what I say to you?.... NEVER. SAY. NEEEEVVVEEERR!!!! 

In all seriousness, the worst thing about Valentines Day is it's such a contradiction! Love is supposed to be selfless. But if I buy someone something because I'm a jerk if I don't then it's still all about me. You know what would be a wonderful day to buy me flowers? March 12. Why? Because it's a random day you decided to brighten. That's romance, baby.

You know who I want to date? David. He was a sexy man of God. The women in my Bible study last week judged me for that comment, but it's true. (1 Samuel 17:42 says he glowed with health and was handsome) Honestly, what draws me to David is when I get an inside look on the very real relationship he had with the Lord. He pleased God so much that throughout the rest of recorded history God blessed his descendants. Imagine that. Imagine being so precious to the Lord that not only does God bless you, he also refrains from wiping out your wicked family because he told you He wouldn't. Dang.

I don't think finding a "David" would make Valentines Day any better. But I tell you what... all the romance in the air has got me thinking about Mr. Right.
And for the sake of this blog, I decided to take all the things I personally value and put together a list. Men, take some notes...
; )

1. He has to love God because he wants to love God. I think it's wonderful when other people or circumstances influence a man's walk with the Lord. I absolutely do. But I have to see the evidence of a decision to love the Lord because he has gotten to know Him and genuinely wants to. That's where the passion comes from.

2. He has to take initiative. If a man never puts himself out there to be rejected, then he puts the responsibility of keeping his heart from being broken on the girl who suspects his feelings for her. That is not being a man. I know it's hard, but you have to take the risk. She will respect you and admire you even if she doesn't feel the same way.

3. He has to be going somewhere. No, this doesn't mean you have to have everything figured out. You don't have to have a perfect job or have already decided on your major for college. You just need to be moving a direction. Do something.

4. He has to like conversation. Men talk less then women. That's fine. That's why we have other women. But you have to have a connection through good, quality conversation and you have to like it.

5. He has to WANT to know my faults. Yes, I really mean what I just typed. Hear me out. Too many times I have seen a man fall convinced she is always sweet, her make-up never smears, and she always thinks he is the funniest thing on the planet. Men, if you can't think of any shortcomings then you don't know the real her. If you don't know the real her, then what do you actually love?

6. He has to be at least a little bit romantic. No, I don't mean buying cheap chocolate on Valentines Day. I had to repeat that in case you spaced during the beginning of this post. I mean playing with her hair or giving specific compliments. All of the best compliments I have ever gotten were specific. Such as telling me I have pretty hands or nice earlobes. (Yes, that last one is weird...but I just really like my earlobes.)

You know... I'll be totally real with you. There are few things women cherish more than those moments when they know they're desirable. I'm talking about when she walks into a room and she sees you pause and she knows you think she looks amazing, or when you drives twenty minutes to spend half an hour with her, or when you simply can't resist looking at her even though it makes her completely uncomfortable. Those things count.

7. He has to love his mom (and sisters if he has them). Yes, I know you have probably heard this before. But over my years of observing the opposite sex, the more I realize how much this counts. How you treat your mom is how you will treat the future woman in your life. Treat your mama well.

And finally...

8. He has to tell me to take my list, stick it in a juice box, and suck it! Because he's a MAN. 

Good luck.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Oh Karlene.

She's a beast pretty much. In the best way possible. Remember the rock climbing story? (See previous post*) Karlene was there... putting me to shame.

Side note: I gotta tell you. A man definitely invented rock climbing. A smart one.
Hey, I got an idea! Lets get a bunch of girls to put on spandex pants and then "spot" them! Nobody can fault me for looking up the entire time...

I was definitely checking her out the whole evening so... I can only imagine what it was like for the boys.

Let me go on record to say, I have never heard the song that titles this post. So I can't be held responsible for whatever the lyrics contain. It's her favorite song at the moment.

I haven't known Karlene for very long. Looking at her, I would guess that her favorite color is maroon. Because it's almost pink but its much tougher. She could definitely kick my butt but I don't think she ever would... but its the "think" that keeps me on my toes. She bakes delicious food. Anytime she comes to the house, all the guys flock to her like chickens because they know they're in for a treat. I believe OO put it best when he said "Sweet Jesus! Glory to God!"

She has Taylor Swift hair but better because she's brunette!

But my favorite thing about Karlene is her love for the Lord. Every day I get a text from her with a different Bible verse. When she first asked me if I wanted to receive a verse of the day, I thought she was just going to sign me up for it. Then I noticed that the time I received the text varied a little each day. Turns out she shares them from her own sweet time spent with Jesus. The Lord has used them to speak to me more often then I could count.

Now friends, don't take it personally that first Eddie and now Karlene got a specific shout-out. Eddie got one for the comedic effect and Karlene...well... like I said, I don't THINK she would beat me up... 


Sorry its been so long between postings. My brain has taken a vacation. I'm not sure if it will ever be back. I just feel uninspired lately. Don't misunderstand me! Life is good. Great, actually. I just haven't had that spark of an idea that leads into a worthy blog for a while. Im boring myself, I think I will just type for a while and see what happens. Yeah... thats a good idea.

It's Sunday! It happens to be the most beautiful day of the year so far. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and there is a slight breeze weaving in and out of the trees. Its a flip-flop and frozen yogurt day. Its a day that practically begs to you to fly a kite or ride a bike.

Were all inside watching the Super bowl.

To be painfully honest, I didn't even know who was playing until this morning. And even though I'm in a room full of people, I am still not one hundred percent certain who I'm cheering for to win. (I admit I'm a shameless "bandwagoner") Usually I can tell who "I" want to win after a few minutes of watching the game because of the general attitude in the room but I'm finding it difficult to tell the difference between a joyful shout and a dismayed groan today because... the men in the room have such manly voices... yes, some of them are reading over my shoulder.

I think I'm cheering for the white team (I originally said the green team but then Eddie told me there was no green team. I'm not sure how I made that mistake)... again, lets be honest... I'm distracted by the tight pants. Are those even comfortable to wear? Oh, apparently yes. Eddie just assured me they were. Maybe he just likes to wear them.
Its possible.
Who is Eddie? Good question. I don't have much else to do at the moment so I can explain. Picture the incredible hulk and charlie brown combined. I think that description speaks for itself. Well, of course it does. I used words.

The first time I met Eddie, I put my life in his hands. We were rock climbing. Oh my! Sorry, I was distracted by a slow motion shot of the pants... I mean, player! Anyways, I was the poor, dumb one at the top of the rope and he was the solid, smart one at the bottom of the rope. He pinky promised me I wouldn't die and considering those promises are unbreakable I made my best attempt to reach the top of the wall. Later he assured me I did fine. I think he was lying considering I started weeping halfway to the top. I did have a good time though...

Super bowl commercials are the best. The one with the little kid dressed like Darth Vader is the winner so far.

What do you have to do to become a football announcer? Do you think that guy actually talks like that in real life? Could you imagine going to dinner with that guy? Could you imagine going to a drive through with that guy? Good grief. Eddie thinks it'd be awesome. Can Eddie's opinion be trusted? He does like wearing super stretchy pants. 

Eddie has decided to stop talking until I decide to post this.

I've been all over the world and have lived among every kind of culture and I can say, without any hesitation, that the most ignorant, rude, selfish, and self-centered people on earth are babies.
-the smartest cousin I have
(sorry Garrett)