Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Oh, what? No, it's not a typo. Now there's a word for it, Ladies...

[pronounced: specks-ee]
-xier, -xiest, adverb 

1. Spiritually sexy. Examples include (but are not limited to) David, Boaz, Paul, Timothy, Peter, Kirk Cameron. 

2. Characterized by outward displays of heart-centered passion for God. Actions include raising of hands during worship, owning an underlined, well-worn Bible, taking notes, praying/sharing boldly, and a willingness to look foolish for the sake of the Gospel. 

before April 2011 and after the reform movement; Modern English; see spiritual, sexy  

-Related forms
spex-i-er, spex-i-est

bold, passionate, snappy, forward, strong, brave, heartfelt, attractive, etc...

1. Karen wasn't really sure how she felt about Jake until she saw him at church and realized he was a spexy man.