Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yesterday I wrote a paper and I became so immersed in the process I was no longer able to view mistakes or content objectively. At least I'm able to admit it. Think of the wasted hours of my life I would have gotten back if most of the popular Christian authors would have found someone to cut out their wordiness. But I can't judge too harshly, I'm guilty of it. You only see 40% of my original writing and I'm still way too wordy.

So I printed the paper out for my peers to read when they had time. Not wanting anyone to confuse it for the finished work... I stuck an appropriately labeled post-it ("Proofread me!") on it.

This morning I found it accidently stuck to the pages of my bible.

The "super-christian" side of me giggled... te-he* imagine finding error in the Bible...
But then I was brought back to a quote I read in a book by one of my teachers:

"The moment sin meets grace, it can no longer hide."
 -Scott Hagan 

No, it can't hide. But it can lie. As much as the super-religious in us smirks at the thought of finding error in the bible, we live as though we have, don't we?

Because there are things the bible clearly left out, right?

Love God.... unless he asks more then you want to give. 
Love your neighbor... unless you have nothing in common with them.
Honor your parents.... unless they're ridiculous. 
The list goes on and on...

This is why the world has issues with Christians. Heck, this is the reason I have issues with Christians. We have to stop proofreading the Bible. It didn't leave anything out and it doesn't need your corrections. The reason it "doesn't work for us" is because we don't do what it says.

I'll conclude without further wordiness.... Accept it. Do it. 

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